Posted by: webbdesigntips | September 1, 2008

Effective Web Design

When we are designing a website, it is important that the site is attractive, user-friendly and focusing on the content. It should have the power to bring the visitors to stay and read the content and explore it gradually.

Following are some useful tips for designing a professional and high quality website –

1) Simple content –  Users really search for information on a website; Content should be simple so that it may reach to the valued traffic. That’s why you should not make your language complex.

2) Easy navigation – It plays a big role in Web designing. Users don’t scan a page sequentially, they just look for interesting topic and useful links. Then they probably look around for other interesting pages and read on! Orgnize the navigation effectively!

3) Layout & Design – The layout of the page should be clear ie. you need to use white spaces as it enhances site’s look. Also use the fonts that are available to all systems and platforms or you will make things messed up! Design needs to be visually appealing!

4) Resolution of Screen – Designing should be such that it fits to all screen resolution; It may so happen that the site does not open up properly in a particular resolution; Then users might close the browser window and feel that the page is not suitable for their viewing.

5) Compatibility with Browser – It is important to make sure that you set up your website such a way that it opens comfortably in World’s leading browsers.

6) Minimal load time – Your website should get loaded within minimum time. So avoid using enhanced graphics or Flash. Most fast loading websites are there for their very nature of simple design.

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